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California law requires that the Association deliver to its homeowners certain notices and documents on a yearly basis. These include the Annual Budget, Year-End Financial Statement, and Proposed and Adopted Rule Changes. Homeowners are also entitled to receive notices of the Board Meetings and meeting agenda, special meeting notices, and other Association-wide announcements. Currently, the association sends these notices through the U.S. Mail, which is becoming more and more costly.

The good news is that the law now allows you to elect to receive most of these notices through email in lieu of having them delivered through regular mail. Imagine the positive impact you can have just by choosing to get notices by email:

Every time we can save paper, printing, and postage costs, both you and the association save money that can be used to reduce monthly assessments and improve services. Not only that; we can help the environment by reducing the amount of paper we use for communicating with our homeowners.

The law requires that you must be able to reasonably demonstrate your ability to open the attachments that will be sent to you. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.